Coverage Testing

Testing coverage is the final step in proving the performance of any type of wireless system. SBP Consulting, LLC has expertise in proving coverage from a variety of systems including Public Safety voice, High Performance Data (HPD), and Cellular.

Public Safety Coverage Testing

Public Safety communication systems must provide a very high level of RF coverage for first responders. SBP Consulting, LLC has many years of experience designing, predicting, and verifying radio system coverage using the Motorola Solutions proprietary tools Hydra and Voyager. SBP Consulting offers the following services:

Expertise using Motorola Solutions Voyager equipment to test the following:
- Digital and analog system performance by measuring RF signal strength (RSSI), Bit Error Rate (BER), and Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ).
- High Performance Data system performance.
- Integrated Voice and Data system performance.

Expertise in conducting a Coverage Acceptance Test Plan (CATP) including:
- Analyzing predicted coverage.
- Planning the CATP.
- Providing trained engineers and calibrated equipment needed to performing the CATP.
- Complete analysis of data collected during the test.
- Full documentation of test results.

SBP Consulting can execute the entire coverage test process or provide services for any stage of the process.

Cellular System Coverage Testing

Providing the best possible grade of service to cellular customers is a top priority for cellular service providers. SBP Consulting provides cellular providers expertise in coverage verification using the TEMS software application. TEMS software offers air interface monitoring and radio network planning. These offerings facilitate planning, implementation and optimization of telecommunications networks. TEMS is the industry leading software used by most cellular service providers to optimize and verify system performance. SBP Consulting has expertise in TEMS and a staff engineers that has traveled all over the US verifying and optimizing coverage for various service providers and cellular companies.

SBP Consulting offers the following value added services to cellular companies and service providers:
- Expertise in the TEMS INVESTIGATION 8.2.2 software for High Speed Data Packet

Access (HSDPA) & R99 measurements to include:
- RF signal measurements
- Voice Calls
- IRAT (Softer Handover, Soft Handover, Hard Handover)
- IUR Mobility
- GPRS attached
- PDP context
- MultiRAP and Single Site Verification
- 911 Testing
- Static Testing (Ping Testing for 1600MB and 32MB, FTP Testing for 1MB and 100KB)
- Manage Multiple Drive Test Teams and Coordination with Cluster Engineers to ensure valid data is collected for Key Point Indicator Reports and Optimization
- Deploy Drive Testing Teams quickly for testing anywhere in the US and Canada
- Provide Test Engineers, Drivers, Laptops, Accessories, GPS Navigation, Map Software

SBP Consulting can provide coverage testing services for a variety of wireless systems with staff that is dedicated and reliable. Please contact us for more information.