RF System Engineering

SBP Consulting, LLC provides System Engineering services in a variety of public safety and commercial applications. SBP Consulting, LLC has experience in following a wireless 2-way radio system through its life cycle, from the initial bidding of the system, writing the proposal and designing the system to overseeing and assistance of system implementation and final operation and approval by customer. The full life cycle requires various skills in systems and RF engineering, below is a detailed list of services we have performed and provide to clients:

• Proposal writing to respond to RFPs, designing 2-way radio systems to meet customer requirements, design a cost effective and competitively priced system.

• Perform system documentation, system block diagrams, equipment population spreadsheets, etc. using Visio, AutoCAD LT.

• Perform coverage analysis using automated coverage predictions tools such as Motorola propiertary tools (Hydra, Mozaik) as well as commercially available tools such as Decible Planner and RF CAD.

• Perform full coverage tests with Motorola proprietary Voyager test sets, including radio calibration, programming radios, data collection and full data analysis.

• Perform frequency planning and combiner schemes to avoid interference (Intermodulation(IM), Passive intermodulation(PIM)) in systems.

• Perform IM studies, Transmitter Noise/Receiver Desense studies to help diagnose and fix IM problems. Perform on site IM searches to find and eliminate sources of IM.

• Configure Motorola dispatch solutions (Gold Elite Dispatch) by creating the Elite operator templates, configuring of Motorola Console Database Manager and Alias Database Manager.

• Perform Fleetmaping design and implementation of Fleetmap into subscriber codeplugs and console templates.

• Design and Build subscriber templates/codeplugs and program subscribers via Motorola RSS and CPS software for Motorola APX7000/6000, XTS3000, XTS5000, Astro Spectra, XTL5000, XTS1500, MCS2000, VRM650 subscriber units. Program and develop pager templates for DxRadio Alpha-numeric Pagers using Apollo Paging software.

• Perform system component upgrades such as Quantar firmware versions, Gold Elite software, code plugs for zone controller and other subsystem upgrades.

• Interface Motorola equipment and technology with other public safety subcontractors and their subsystems. For example, have interfaced to Orbital Science's OrbCAD system, DxRadio's Alpha paging system, Dictaphone's/NICE's logging recorder system, ARINC's system engineering services, GPD Inc.'s Bi-directional Amplifier (BDA) solutions for various application (Tunnel, and In-building solutions) as well as, Distributed Antenna systems.